Define Your Team's Strengths

Brandon Miller discusses the importance of defining your team member strengths.

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Bill: If there were one diagnostic tool that creates the operations manual for a human being, would it be Strengthsfinder, in your assessment?

Brandon: I think so, and here's why. Dr. Clifton, who is the founder of Strengthsfinder in 1949, had the question, what would happen when we think about what's right with people, rather than what's wrong? And the man devoted his entire life to studying this idea of strength and talent. His conclusion was, we have so many words to describe what's wrong with us in psychology, where are all the words to describe what's right? And, he happened to live in the same city with George Gallup. Ended up purchasing Gallup, which, at the time, was providing the world with polling data, sampling for making decisions, understanding what we thought. Well, there hasn't been a comprehensive study in it's kind. Over 40 years, 2 million people surveyed, in my experience working with the instrument, with all of the academia behind it, all of the analysts, they're all available publicly, it's fascinating to learn how they arrived at their conclusions. This is a marvelous tool. I think it really provides a broad inventory, because not only can you see your top 5, but for a little more of an investment you can see all 34, so you actually see all the talents you use everyday, but you also can learn the ones that you don't use, that aren't a part of you. Which aren't meant to grow them, but meant to understand, "wow, if I have these, and my fellow leader has a different set, it helps me understand our differences," and those differences are actually advantages, not intended to be annoyances, so we learn how to leverage both. So, I would answer yes to that question, and actually feel very strongly about that. 

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