2016 Interns Tour AM830

One of the benefits of hiring College interns is to get fresh perspectives on issues, especially as topics like Media delivery change so rapidly around us. Today 6 of our 7 2016 Cal State Fullerton interns and I visited the KLAA AM830 radio station for a tour and a peek into what we assumed was a dying media - AM radio. What we discovered (mainly as a result of the brilliant questions from the interns) was that Radio still has a shelf life, particularly when the station owner has the foresight to use the Radio broadcasts to support a principal business. The LA Angels baseball team, in this case, is the prime reason that AM830 is valuable as a strategic broadcasting asset for the Team's owner, Arte Moreno, who has an ownership stake in both entities. A brilliant use of using Radio media to support an endeavor and we all walked away with better knowledge of how the many facets of media can work together to create a synergistic  marketing program. Thanks very much to the staff at AM830 for a wonderful tour!