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Chris Bond - Anatomy of an Earnout

Is a Search Fund in Your Future? - Matthew Capell

Steps on the Path That Lead to Your Business Sale (1m) Jed Davis

When Does a Regular Business Sell for a Premium Price? (1m) George Hicks

Use Caution When International Buyers Come Calling (1m) Hans Sperling

Selling For Big Dollars Starts With Small Change (1m) Terry Shope

Your Perception May Not Be Reality (1m) Veronica Saldivar –



The 5x Impact of Workers Comp Claims on Businesses - Peter Cross

Chris Bond - Seller Beware - Pitfalls to Selling a Small Business

Seller Beware - Pitfalls to Selling a Small Business (20m) Chris Bond

Small and Mid-Market Business Sale Preparation (20m) Jed Davis

David Fox - Due Diligence Preparation

The Importance of Periodic Reviews and Second Opinions - Gregory Freeman

Mark Goldwich - Surviving Insurance Claim Disasters

Tom Gibson - Disrupting the Broker Paradigm

Gary Lillian - Hey, Sellers: “What’s Your Enterprise Value Proposition to Your Replacement”

Post-sale liquidity… Now what? - Jonathan Levy

Important Legal Issues to Address Well in Advance of Your Business Sale - Hans Sperling (27min)

Financial & Operational Preparation Prior To Sale - Terry Shope

Don’t Gloss Over Details When You Sell Your Business (20m) Richard Usher

Rick Usher - What Is Your Business Really Worth?

How To Get Top Dollar in a Buyer’s Market (20m) Dan Whittaker