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***** Excellent resource!  Real value add for those looking to transition from their existing business and general great discussions for business owners. A new addition to my podcast listening!

***** Great info I love it, great info for business owners. So much crap that business ownershave to deal with on a nonstop basis. I can't begin to tell you how insightful the show is for the issues that we deal with. It's a juggernaut. Thanks Bill for doing the show!

***** Love the quick tips The full shows are great but I love the little one minute clips.  Quick to the point and thought-provoking -- keep at it

***** Worth the time  Quality programming that is focused and well delivered. The one minute tips are powerful.

***** It's about time As a small business owner it's a struggle to plan for the future with the overwhelming pace of the day today. I'm grateful that the exit coach has brought an expert “Board of Directors” to help me get a grip on the future. This is priceless information from some of the best and brightest. Keep up the great work!

***** Highly addictive and helpful Love this program. Bill is an excellent host and  coach. I've spent hours listening! Can't get enough. Thanks Bill for the creation of this phenomenal resource.  I advertise on this program as well. Have met so many business people I would never have otherwise met.

***** Great short tips I enjoy these programs. Short tips are easy to get and use. Longer ones also give some context. Thanks for creating this important resource!

***** First class show Bill is a great host. I like the variety of subjects. The one minute tips are great.

***** I really like the one minute tips. I can listen and then go to the 20 minute show to expand my knowledge on that topic. Great information

*****Great resource for busy business owners Helpful insights in digestible bits for the busy business owner.  And you can dig deeper with the full show on topics of interest. Keep up the great work

***** Great experience! Take the opportunity to be interviewed by Bill Black! It's fun and a win-win experience!

***** Highly recommended Exit coach radio provides in-depth wealth of useful and essential information professionals and business owners. Thank you for providing this great resource to us!

***** The best ROT (Return On Time) you may ever experience Everyone who owns their own business, regardless of where you are and your ownership cycle, should make a point to listen to these podcasts

***** CEO What is different about this webcast is the practicality of it. He asks great questions as if you were there doing the interview and it is amazing how perfect they are for what you're dealing with. Best of all… You can access it anytime anyplace any content. Love it. Keep up the good work Bill!

***** Excellent program What a great place to go for information that is very relevant to all of us in the business world.

***** It's never too early! Tons of excellent advice, even if you're a new business owner. Like Bill and his guests always say, it's never too early to get started with planning your exit.

***** Just what I needed Really looking all over the place for more info like this. Great podcast!

***** Great Show Real conversation for what you need to know for your business. No Fluff.